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Mother Son Relationships

As a boy grows into adulthood, much of what he understands about women he learns from his mother. So his early experiences with the most influential female in his life -- his mother -- sets the stage for all future relationships.

Moms With Sons - Passionate Mothering and Living a Meaningful Life
For moms with sons, combining passionate mothering with living a meaningful life enables women to model a healthy balance between motherhood and personal fulfillment. This in turns helps boys -- who will grow up to be husbands and fathers -- view motherhood in a positive light.

Moms With Sons - Teens and Responsible Driving
For moms with sons, it's especially important that teens learn responsible driving habits from you. The statistics about teen driving, why gender matters with teen drivers, and how passengers can affect a teen driver's risk-taking.

Moms With Sons - Stereotyping Boys - How to Overcome Boy Stereotypes
Moms with sons have to work especially hard at avoiding stereotyping boys. Here are ways in which you can overcome boy stereotypes and counter the pressure of societal stereotypes.

'With Love All Things Are Possible'
Jane Noe was a college student studying overseas when she was raped by a fellow student. Alone and afraid no one would believe her, she remained silent...until she found out she was pregnant. A pro-choice advocate, Noe explains why her decision to continue on with her pregnancy and keep the baby was the right one for her even as she supports...

Moms With Sons - Does Mom's Dieting Lead to Eating Disorders in Boys?
A mom with sons weighs in on whether or not boys are influenced by seeing their moms diet, worry about food and self-image, or struggle with eating disorders.

Moms With Sons - The Value of Cooking With Sons and Teaching Boys Coo…
A mom with sons explains with teaching boys cooking not only provides them with valuable life skills, but also creates bonding opportunities and shows them that neither cooking nor the kitchen is for women only.

What moms should teach their sons
Readers share what they think moms should teach their sons -- about life, love, women, and other important bits of advice.

Renee Martinez Biography
Biography of Renee Martinez, a writer specializing in issues faced by moms with sons and the creator of the blog "Mothers Raising Boys"

10 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Your College-Bound Child
Sending your child off to college is never an easy process. Here are 10 tips on what to expect, how to make saying goodbye easier, and ways to support your child's growing independence.

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