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President Obama's White House Council on Women and Girls

Goals and Objectives, List of Members, and Obama's Remarks


In creating the White House Council on Women and Girls, President Obama has indicated his administration's commitment to acknowledging and addressing the challenges girls and women face every day.

Anticipating the Creation of the Council

Even before the Council was created, excitement ran high over the idea that women's issues would finally become a priority in the new president's administration.

Michelle Obama's Involvement - Did She Have a Say?

On the day that Michelle Obama formally observed International Women's Day, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the Council. How much influence did she have - as a wife, mother, working woman, and First Lady - in her husband's decision to move forward to support women?

Obama Signs Executive Order Creating White House Council on Women and Girls

To coincide with Women's History Month, President Barack Obama established a White House Council on Women and Girls by executive order on March 11, 2009. Learn about the purpose of the Council, its first-year goals, and the Cabinet-level staff members who are serving as Council members.

Transcript of Obama's Remarks on the White House Council on Women and Girls

A transcript of the president's remarks preceding the signing of the executive order creating the Council.

Attendees at the Signing Event

The list of attendees at President Obama's signing event included Cabinet members, politicians, and heads of national women's organizations. See who was present for this historic event.

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