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Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) on Health Care Reform Bill

Transcript of Remarks Made on House Floor Supporting Health Care Reform


Below is a transcript of remarks made by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois, 9th District) on the House floor on November 7, 2009, supporting H.R. 3962 (the health care reform bill) and explaining why women need health care reform.:
"This is a great moment in history. Because today we act to guarantee affordable health care for this and future generations. It's a great day for women. Our bill stops gender rating, preventing insurance companies from charging women 48% more than men for the same coverage. We eliminate pre-existing conditions. Being a breast cancer survivor or domestic violence victim will no longer prevent access to care. We require coverage of maternity and well-baby care. We ensure older women not yet eligible for Medicare can buy affordable coverage. We improve Medicare. Senior women will be able to afford preventive services like cancer screenings because we eliminate cost sharing. We close the donut hole so they can afford their medications. Women need health care reform. They need H.R. 3962."

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