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What Does Title IX Cover?


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Key Areas of Title IX:

Most often associated with women and sports, the landmark piece of legislation known as Title IX actually is much more comprehensive. The website TitleX.info identifies 10 key areas that are included under Title IX:
  • access to higher education
  • athletics
  • career education
  • education for pregnant and parenting students
  • employment
  • learning environment
  • math and science
  • sexual harrassment
  • standardized testing
  • technology

What Equal Opportunity Means Under Title IX:

According to the Women's Sports Foundation, three basic parts of Title IX apply to athletics:
  • Participation - Women should have an equal opportunity to participate in sports as men. This doesn't mean identical sports but comparable options and opportunities.
  • Scholarships - Female athletes should be offered athletic scholarship dollars that are proportional to their participation.
  • Equipment, Facilities, Training and Other Benefits - Equal treatment should extend to equipment and supplies; scheduling of games and practice times; travel and daily allowance; access to tutoring; coaching; locker rooms; practice and competitive facilities; medical and training facilities and services; publicity and promotions; recruitment of student athletes; and support services.

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