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Significant Milestones and Advancements for Women

Women have earned many rights over the years and still advocate for a level playing field between men and women. By recalling the milestone events and advancements made by countless women, we remember them and inspire future generations to build on what's already been accomplished.
  1. Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (3)
  2. Title IX (4)
  3. Council on Women & Girls (3)
  4. Supreme Court Firsts (1)

History of Women in Congress
From 1917 (the first year a woman was elected to Congress) to 2012, only 2.2% of those who have served in Congress have been women. A look at the milestones and historic events that put women in the House and Senate, and the trailblazing female Representatives and Senators who broke through the Congressional glass ceiling.

History of Women Running for President of the United States
The history of women running for president spans more than 140 years and reveals how the idea of a female candidate evolved from novelty to reality. These women mounted significant campaigns that changed the face of politics. Included are six women whose collective candidacies moved us closer to the Oval Office.

Transcript of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) on Health Care…
A transcript of the remarks delivered by Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois, 9th District) on why women need health care reform.

How the Health Care Reform Bill Benefits Women
A gender-specific look at how the health care reform bill passed by the House of Representatives in November 2009 benefits women and children.

Profile of Elena Kagan - Elena Kagan Biography
Biography and profile of Elena Kagan, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, first female U.S. Solicitor General, and first woman to serve as Dean of Harvard Law School.

Shirley Chisholm: First Black Woman to Run For President
Thirty-five years before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battled it out for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Shirley Chisholm threw her hat in the ring as the first female African American presidential candidate.

How did Women's History Month begin in the US?
How Women's History Month began in the US.

A Record Number of Women To Serve in Congress in 2009
There's a record number of women in Congress in 2009, including the highest number of women senators ever.

Milestones in Politics for American Women
Notable political achievements by women in the United States.

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