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Rush Limbaugh / Sandra Fluke Controversy - Limbaugh's Women Problem

Slut, Prostitute Remarks Damaged Conservative Commentator's Career


Rush Limbaugh built a successful radio career pulling in millions of listeners with outrageous comments, and women have been the target of many of his rants. He popularized the term 'feminazi' and has a history of negative depictions of females. Despite a number of headlines and protests over his misogynistic remarks, he survived unscathed...until he called a law student a slut and a prostitute on his show and finally crossed the line.

Limbaugh's Many Hateful Comments About Women

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Among the inflammatory comments Rush Limbaugh has made over the years about women are references to Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius and other female Cabinet members "Sex-cretary" and advice to women to wear burkas if they want men to leave them alone.

Rush Limbaugh Quotes About Women

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Over the years Limbaugh has humiliated and demeaned everyone from "lard-ass women in politics" to "unattractive women" whom he claims were given access to the mainstream by feminism. From explaining how his cat has taught him everything he needs to know about women to how women are to blame for the Herman Cain and Anthony Weiner scandals, Limbaugh has always put women first...when it comes to dishing out abuse.

Definition of Feminazi According to Rush Limbaugh

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Nope...he didn't coin the phrase but he did use it enough so that most of us realize it's a derogatory term for progressive women who support women's rights. What is the definition of feminazi according to Rush, and who actually created the term? Here are the answers.

When Limbaugh Slammed Sandra - Slut-Shaming and the Contraception Controversy

Slut-shaming has become an increasingly popular form of humiliating and debasing women, and Rush Limbaugh brought the issue front and center when he attacked a Georgetown law student who testified before a congressional committee on the need for contraceptive coverage under health care reform. By calling her a 'slut' and a 'prostitute,' he literally attempted to shame her to make his point.

Limbaugh's Comments, Fluke's Testimony - A Side-By-Side Comparison

Six days after Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke told a congressional hearing why it was essential for her and her peers to access the free contraceptive coverage mandated under the Affordable Care Act, Rush Limbaugh attacked her over the course of two days on his nationally-syndicated radio show, calling her two names that ultimately led to more than a hundred advertisers dropping his show. A side-by-side comparison of Sandra Fluke's testimony and Rush Limbaugh's comments from transcripts of his show reveal the differences in the "he said, she said" controversy.

Why Limbaugh Got Away With Misogynistic Comments - His White Male Listeners

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Rush Limbaugh got away with verbally attacking and abusing women for so long on his radio show because his listeners were overwhelmingly male and conservative. In fact, a 2008 media consumption survey of news and opinion outlets found the audience of the Rush Limbaugh Show to be more white and conservative than any other show on the air. Here's a look at Limbaugh's key demographic.

Dead Air, Fleeing Advertisers Mark Limbaugh's Post-Fluke Radio Show

Within ten days of uttering the two words heard round the world, Rush Limbaugh saw his show take a hit he'd never expected. Dozens of advertisers, many of them long-time backers, pulled their dollars from his show, resulting in a broadcast that included something that is deadly in radio -- total silence for several minutes

Four Weeks After Comments, Limbaugh Down More Than 140 Advertisers

While the story of the Sandra Fluke controversy faded into the background, advertisers continued to drop away from Rush Limbaugh's now negatively-perceived radio show. As of the end of March 2012 -- a full month after his comments -- he'd lost the backing of 141 advertisers and was facing two additional threats: an anti-Rush campaign sponsored by Media Matters and a new conservative radio talk show hosted by Mike Huckabee.

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