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Women's Issues in 2008 - Top Women's Issues Stories of 2008

From Politics to Teen Pregnancy to Pay Inequity, Here's What Made Headlines


Updated July 20, 2009
What were the hot-button topics in women's issues in 2008? Here's a round-up of some the top stories making headlines along with others you may have missed:

Women and Politics
Hillary ran and lost. Sarah ran and lost. But we all won with those 18 million cracks on that now-fragile glass ceiling:

Teen Pregnancy
Is it the Juno Effect, or the biological clock ticking way too fast? From the high school student next door to a GOP candidate's daughter, everybody's doing it...and nobody's blinking: Pay Inequity and Workplace Discrimination
Lilly Ledbetter didn't quite get her day in (the Supreme) Court and turned to Congress for redress. No go. Likewise, another case on maternity leave and pension benefits isn't looking good for working women who were pregnant before 1979: Reproductive Rights
What's more important - a woman's ability to access appropriate healthcare, reproductive information, and contraception...or the personal belief system of a healthcare worker who would deny that access? This is the basis of a proposal that's being pushed through in the final days of the Bush Administration: Violent Crimes Against Women and Girls
From random abductions to girls(and moms) engaging in mean-girl behavior, these actions led to unfathomable abuse and needless, untimely death: Political Infidelity
Stand by your man, or strike out on your own? Two political spouses dealt with their cheating spouses in two different ways: Gender Differences Between Women and Men
Are we really that different? Yes in the small ways and perhaps more so in the bigger ones. But that doesn't mean we can't do the same work with equal competence:

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