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Gender Bias and Its Impact on Education, Business, Politics and Society


Though subtle, gender bias exists in every aspect of society - from the workplace to the political arena. The gender gap affects our children's education, the size of the paycheck we bring home, and why women still lag behind men in math and science careers.
  1. Sexism in Politics
  2. In the Media
  3. At Work

Sexism in Politics

As media coverage of female politicians has proved in recent elections, gender bias has crossed the aisle and challenged both the Democrats and Republicans in addition to nominees chosen by President Obama for Supreme Court Justice and Surgeon General.

In the Media

Do women see themselves accurately reflected on television, in film, in advertising, and in print and broadcast news? Maybe that's because only 3% of media decision-makers - those with enough clout to determine content - are female.

At Work

Why do women still earn only 77 cents for every dollar men earn? It's due to gender bias in the workplace, and it affects us all.

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