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Individual Actions & Personal Choices Women Make

Every women's movement is made up of the sum of the individual actions and personal choices of the women who take ownership of their decision-making. Whether it's keeping a maiden name, speaking out about sexism, or working in a male-dominated field, every individual decision made by a woman moves us all incrementally forward.

Speaking Up About Sexist Comments
You've been in this situation: A man makes a sexist comment about women in a public setting and nobody calls him on it. Many of us don't want to seem rude or pushy, so we keep our mouths shut. Here's why these comments are neither innocent nor funny, and why - if you substituted 'black,' 'fat' or 'disabled' in place of 'girls' or 'women' - everyone would agree they're prejudiced.

Keeping Your Maiden Name After Marriage
Why does a woman decide to keep her maiden name after marriage? How common or uncommon is this? The personal and political implications that shape the decision.

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