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Feminist Movement & Equal Rights

The fight for women's equality and the feminist movement have a long history with numerous players and participants. The freedoms and rights so many women take for granted today were hard-fought by women not so long ago.
  1. 19th Amendment (2)
  2. Equal Rights Amendment (5)
  3. Long Road To Suffrage (3)
  4. First Wave Feminism (3)
  5. Second Wave Feminism (3)
  6. Individual Actions (2)
  7. Third Wave Feminism (1)

A Look At Some of the Top Women's Issues Stories of 2012
Every year has its milestones, and 2012 was no different. Some of those milestones made headlines, while others may have escape the notice of most of us. This review of the top women's issues of 2012 examines those moments large and small and puts them in perspective.

Facts About Women - Top 10 Facts About Women and Women's Issues
Drawing from a cross section of political, economic, and social concerns, these top 10 facts about women illustrate why women's issues should be of concern to every woman

Mrs. Claus - Was Mrs. Claus an Early Feminist Icon?
Was Mrs. Claus an early feminist icon? In her first appearance in 1889, she was already pushing the envelope on gender roles and women's equality.

Sexist Language - Do You Speak Out Against Sexist Language and Sexist…
Do you speak out when you hear sexist language being used or call out the person making sexist comments? Readers share their stories and offer advice on speaking out against sexist language.

What is a Feminazi? Definition of feminazi
Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh frequently throws the word "feminazi" around, but what does it really mean? A look at the origins of the word, who it describes, and how it has come into widespread use.

Why I'm a Feminist
Readers share stories as to why they call themselves "feminists."

Book Review - "Daughters of the North" by Sarah Hall
A book review of the novel "Daughters of the North" by Sarah Hall. A young woman, living under the oppressive rule of the Authority in a police state version of a Great Britain devastated by massive flooding, plots her escape and dreams of finding the legendary community of Carhullen, hidden in the mountains and inhabited solely by women.

Feminism in India - A Conversation with Indian Feminist and Author Sarojini Saho
How different is feminism in India from feminism in the West? Author and Indian feminist Sarojini Sahoo explains how Eastern feminism has an additional hurdle to overcome - tigher restrictions on female sexuality - and why women are the victims of cultural practices such as bride burning and dowry killings.

Qualities of Women Leaders
When it comes to leadership, does gender matter? Is there a difference between women and men? If so, what are the qualities that the most effective women leaders possess?

Feminism and Civil Rights
An illustrated guide to women's rights issues as seen from a civil liberties perspective.

What Is First, Second, and Third Wave Feminism?
A concept familiar in women's studies programs but not commonly used by mainstream media, the three waves of feminism separate and define three active periods in the history of the women's movement. All three share a common goal: to achieve social, legal, and economic equality between women and men, but the methods of the respective waves vary significantly.

Speaking Up About Sexist Comments
If you overhear sexist comments about women, do you just keep quiet or do you speak up? Although it's not easy, speaking up lets others know that gender bias against women is unacceptable.

Sexist Comments About Women - What are the Rudest, Nastiest, Most Sex…
Readers share the worst comments about women they've heard including sexist statements, rude remarks, and nastiest insults -- all based on gender.

Workplace Discrimination - Share Your Workplace Discrimination Stories
Workplace discrimination is illegal, yet every woman has stories about the various types of discrimination she's encountered. Tell your workplace discrimination stories here, and see what other women have put up with and why gender bias at work is still pervasive.

The UN’s Commission on the Status of Women will reconvene in 2015 to discuss the ways in which women’s lives can be bettered all across the world. But is this conference out of touch with the grassroots activism of women across the world?

The Advantages of Women’s Colleges
Although only about 50 remain in the United States, women’s colleges offer students an unparalleled experience of college life and a potential for a career success often unmatched by their co-ed peers. Here’s why.

Is Anti-Feminism on the Rise?
Anti-feminism is nothing new, but the individuals that are a part of “Women Against Feminism” are putting a contemporary spin on an ideology as old as feminism itself.

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