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Cougar Women - What's Behind the Cougar Image?

Not All Women Embrace the Label - Many Feel Cougar Image is Demeaning, Sexist


Why has the cougar image come to represent every older woman who dates a younger man? Is it a stereotype or an accurate description of a new lifestyle trend? Is it sexist to label a woman a cougar? What do women think about the cougar image, and do attitudes differ in the US and in other countries? Why don't we have a similar label for men?

1. What is a cougar? Definition of the term

How old does a woman have to be to be a cougar? And what is the age difference between a cougar and the men she's involved with? Where did the term come from, and how long has it been around? Who was the first cougar, and who are the more famous ones?

2. Deconstructing Cougar Women

Why do we label older women who date younger men 'cougar women'? Is this sexist? A look at the stereotypes and misinformation surrounding cougar women from a therapist who also happens to date younger men and finds the cougar label demeaning.

3. Cougar - Positive or Negative Image of Women and Female Sexuality?

What do women (and men) think of the term cougar? Is it an empowering image of female sexuality and the aging woman? Or is it a label used to denigrate women? Is there anything wrong with dating a younger man? Why are so many opposed to the idea of older women with younger men?

4. Don't Call Me a Cougar!

The term 'cougar' isn't necessarily a compliment. For women who look younger than their years and end up in relationships with younger men not by choice but by circumstance, the image is downright offensive -- especially when they're the ones being pursued. Why are more and more women saying, "Don't call me a cougar"?

5. If a Woman is a Cougar, a Man is a...

Funny how society is quick to label and stereotype a sexy older woman who's attractive to younger men. We're all familiar with the term 'cougar,' but what do we call a man who pursues women younger than him? Here's your chance to fill in the blank and see how others would like to label 'male cougars.'

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