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Women and Divorce

Though no woman enters into a marriage with divorce on her mind, current statistics suggest that nearly half of all newlyweds today will face divorce. What triggers the decision to divorce? What about the children? And why do so many women come out of divorce with significantly less financial resources than men? Get the facts to help you make the right decisions at this stressful time.
  1. Divorce Support for Women

From Ex to Sex - Seven Questions on Surviving Divorce
What do you do if you think your husband is cheating on you? Advice on surviving divorce, dealing with infidelity and cheating, and how to get back into dating when you're newly single after a divorce.

"Still Hot - Uncensored Guide to Divorce" Sue Mittenthal, Linda Reing - Review
Book review of "Still Hot - The Uncensored Guide to Divorce, Dating, Sex, Spite..." a humorous look at surviving divorce and dating again.

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