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Surviving the Death of a Child

Most mothers would give their lives for their children. So when a mother experiences the death of a son or daughter and is powerless to change the outcome, there are additional burdens of despair and grief over the death of a child.

Melting, Morphing, Meandering into the Future
On the one-year anniversary of her son's death, a mother looks back on her journey of grief, loss, and healing. Linda Siniard tells how she learned of Owen's death - just shy of his 21st birthday - how she endured the months that followed, and her memories of a son whose time with her was far too short.

Linda Siniard Biography
Biography of Linda Siniard, who lost her 20-year-old son Owen due to unexplained circumstances, and created the blog "Mystery O. Riley" to find a way to cope with her grief.

The Language of Grief
Mothers who experience the death of a child find different ways to endure the pain and grief. One California woman, writing in an online journal about the loss of her son, finds that words have the power to sustain, if not quite heal.

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