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Cyberstalking and Women - Cyberstalking and Cybercrimes Against Women

Facts, Statistics and Stories, Plus How To Avoid Being a Victim

By Alexis A. Moore

Cyberstalking and cybercrimes against women are on the rise as more and more private information becomes easily accessible on the internet. The 9 articles below cover the various aspects of cyberstalking including the definition of cyberstalking, facts and statistics, spyware and privacy protection, one woman's cyberstalking story, how cyberstalking can impact your credit rating and tips to protect yourself from cyberstalkers.

1. What is Cyberstalking?

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The definition of cyberstalking and examples of the forms it can take.

2. When Stalking Goes Online - Examples of Cyberstalking

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Advances in technology have allowed stalking to go online, with perpetrators accessing personal information. Read about examples of cyberstalking and individual stories.

3. Cyberstalking and Women - Facts and Statistics

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It's no surprise that the majority of cyberstalking victims are female. In many cases, real-world stalking in domestic violence and partner abuse situations evolves into cyberstalking. Find out the facts and statistics on cyberstalking and women.

4. "I Was a Victim of Cyberstalking" - One Woman's Story

Photo courtesy Alexis Moore
A victim of cyberstalking, Alexis Moore tells how few resources were available as she tried to fight back, and why she eventually became an expert and advocate for others.

5. Cyberstalking, Spyware and Privacy Protection

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Cyberstalking is surprisingly easy, thanks to readily available spyware sold online. To ensure privacy protection, here's what you need to watch out for.

6. What is Datafurnishing?

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Definition of datafurnishing and how the acquisition and use of your personal information affects you and makes you vulnerable to cyberstalking.

7. Cyberstalking and Your Credit Rating

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Cyberstalking can include a deliberate attempt to destroy your credit rating -- a very simple process that is surprisingly easy and can put your financial future at risk.

8. How Cyberstalkers Obtain Your Personal Information

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Learn how cyberstalkers obtain your personal information, and why legislation is needed that is current with the technology that enables cyberstalking to occur without repercussions.

9. 12 Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

It takes very little time and effort to put roadblocks in place that can deter would-be cyberstalkers. Learn the 12 tips to protect yourself from cyberstalking, and see why a handful of hours now can save you from the damage of a cyberstalker's attack - damage that may take hundreds of hours to repair.

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