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Political Commentary By/About Women in the 2008 Presidential Race

The 2008 presidential race will go down in the history books as having had the first serious and viable candidacy of a woman. A round-up of commentary about Hillary Clinton written by women.

Women, Lying and the 2008 Election - Why Women Candidates and Spouses Lie
Women have been caught lying in the 2008 election. Both women candidates and spouses are lying in both subtle and obvious ways in the 2008 election.

Observing Michelle Obama - Early Impressions of the Candidate's Wife
After Oprah campaigned with Barack, but before he gained enough delegates to win the nomination, Michelle Obama was slowly being discovered by voters and the national media. Some of her first steps are observed here.

Sarah Palin - First Female Republican Candidate for Vice President
Articles, commentary and opinion on Sarah Palin's campaign as the first female Republican candidate for Vice President.

Choosing Hillary - Why Clinton Could Never Have Lived Up to Our Expectations
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was not only historic; it was also symbolic to the millions of women who wanted her to become the first woman president. Why Hillary lost may have less to do with being a woman than being a Clinton. And although she relied on the women's vote, she had difficulty connecting with voters. The nation was ready...

"Women are Never Front Runners" by Gloria Steinem
An op-ed piece in the New York Times by noted feminist author and Ms. Magazine founder Gloria Steinem reminds us that gender is still an issue in the United States as we witness the first viable candidacy of a woman.

Gloria Steinem & Melissa Harris-Lacewell - Race & Gender Debate
With two possible firsts in the 2008 election - the first woman president and the first black president - race and gender issues are now on the front burner. Feminist Gloria Steinem and Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell debate race and gender and the campaigns of Clinton and Obama.

"The Secret Ballot" by the Reclusive Leftist
It may be fact disguised as fiction. But a blogger's essay about a woman in a voting booth pondering her choices may resonate with you if you're a woman of a certain age - or anyone who understands how far women have come in the past three decades.

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