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Media Coverage of Octomom - Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Media Coverage

Frantic 911 Calls, On-Camera Squabbles, and Angels in Waiting Child Care


Updated October 31, 2011
Just over a month after the birth of her octuplets at the end of January 2009, single mom Nadya Suleman had been anointed by the media as Octomom, a figure of fascination and ridicule and a staple of celebrity news magazines, gossip websites, and supermarket tabloids. Even staid TV news outlets such as the CBS Early Show, Newsweek magazine, and ABC's Nightline cover her on a regular basis. By March 2009, she had become an international celebrity despite overwhelmingly negative media coverage. Below is a sampling of media coverage during a two-week span from late February through early March. As Newsweek stated, "Octomom is here to stay."

Octomom Top Stories From February 24-March 10, 2008

People Magazine on Octomom's New Home
March 9, 2009
Nadya Suleman's father Ed Doud will be the one signing the papers when he makes a purchase offer on a 2,583-foot four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in La Habra in Orange County. Doud is expected to close on the house later this week. The home is nearly twice the size of the one the Suleman family is currently living in.

Dr. Phil on Octomom's Ability to Provide Care
March 9, 2009

In an ongoing relationship that appears to involve some form of financial compensation, Dr. Phil has been working with Nadya Suleman to ensure that Octomom has the resources to raise her brood of 14 children. After an initial interview that had the good doctor questioning Suleman's abilities, he has subsequently been her sounding board on alleged issues with Kaiser Permanente, the hospital providing care for her preemies. He also convinced her to reconsider an offer of 24/7 skilled nursing care for the infants once they are released (see last item below).

ABC News on Octo Grandpa's Support of His Daughter and Grandchildren
March 9, 2009

In an interview with ABC reporter Mike von Fremd shown on Good Morning America and Nightline, Ed Doud, father of Octomom Nadya Suleman, refuted previous statements he'd made on Oprah regarding his daughter's ability to raise 14 children. He now supports his daughter wholeheartedly and says that although the family will struggle, "We're not going to ask for help from taxpayers." And he resists the notion that his grandchildren may be at risk of being taken away from Suleman.

CBS Early Show on Octomom's Frantic 911 Calls
March 5, 2009

The CBS Early Show plays a clip of Nadya Suleman's 911 call last year when she thought one of her six children was missing. Just one of the many frantic calls she made before the octuplets were born, this one has her repeating over and over again, "Oh my God I'm going to kill myself" while a 911 operator scolds her for saying that in front of her other children.

Newsweek on the "Octomom Hypocrisy"
March 3, 2009

A commentary on the Octomom phenomenom warns readers, "Otomom is never, ever going away. This mother of 14 will become a staple of the gossip mags....[W]e should be honest about why she's there. Because in truth, we created Octomom.With our glorification of bizarre behavior, we dare the emotionally needy to shock and appall us. And then we slam them. But are we seeing her clearly, or just addicted to feeling superior?

Los Angeles Times on Octomom's Decision to Turn Down Free 24/7 Childcare
March 1, 2009

Angels in Waiting, a non-profit group in Los Angeles, offered Nadya Suleman free 24-hour pediatric nursing care for her preemies and a home for the family with no strings attached. Well, one small little string. They didn't support Suleman request to do a reality show because of the fragile immune systems of her babies. So Suleman turned them down, prompting attorney Gloria Allred to file a complaint with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services questioning Suleman's ability to care for her infants.

Lara Spencer and Inside Edition on Octomom and "God's Will"
February 25, 2009

Lara Spencer, host of "Inside Edition," comes down hard on Nadya Suleman as she questions whether or not she can realistically raise 14 children. Interviewed by Harry Reasoner on the CBS Early Show, Spencer expresses concern over Suleman's contention that her octuplets are God's will, stating "there's a little selective interpretation of God's will" going on.

People Magazine on Octo Mom and Octo Granny Squabble
February 24, 2009

In a RadarOnline.com interview with both Octomom and Octo Granny, Nadya and Angela Suleman get into a heated fight on-camera as they discuss why Nadya implanted so many embryos, why she never considered donating the embryos for adoption, and how this decision affects the lives of her six other children.

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