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Women and Politics - 2010 Election Cycle

It was the year of the Mama Grizzlies and the Republican Women. More conservative women ran for office in 2010 than in any previous year. But how did women do in politics in 2010?

How Many Women are Running for Congress in 2010
With all the talk about mama grizzlies and the Year of the Republican Women, is 2010 a record year for women running for Congress? How many women...

2010 Election - How Did Women Do in the 2010 Election?
In a year labeled "The Year of the Republican Women," with mama grizzlies rising up across the political landscape, how did women candidates do in the 2010 midterm election? A look at how Republicans and Democrats did in House, Senate and gubernatorial races, and whether or not Sarah Palin's endorsement helped GOP women candidates.

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