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Women and Criminal Justice

Women and the criminal justice system are inextricably linked. Not only do women are women increasingly involved in careers in criminal justice, but are often connected to it through legal cases and proceedings as both plaintiffs and defendants. Also, women are one of the fastest growing populations in the American criminal justice system. We explore all aspects of women's connections to criminal justice here.

Is Orange the New Black?
Although men might outnumber women in prison, incarcerated women are one of the fastest growing prison populations. Here are some stark and startling facts about this increasing dynamic in American society.

Freedom after Three Decades in Prison
News on Mary Virginia Jones, a California grandmother who was released after 32 years in prison for a crime she did not commit.

Is Jailing Mothers
New laws propose that women be jailed for certain pregnancy outcomes, especially if they take drugs while pregnant. But is jailing mothers the answer?

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