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Women and Holiday Stress

Holidays revolve around celebrations and having a good time, but the added burden of cooking, cleaning, hospitality and entertainment -- not to mention gift-giving -- usually falls on a woman's shoulders.

"Scared of Santa: Scenes of Terror in Toyland" Book Review
Book review of "Scared of Santa," a compilation of family photos of children terrified by their visit with Santa Claus.

10 Tips for Women to Avoid Thanksgiving Stress
They call it Thanksgiving, but for most women the day is filled with dozens of tasks -- many of them thankless -- all in preparation for the Thanksgiving meal. It's no wonder that many women feel stress at Thanksgiving. These 10 tips can help take the pressure off Thanksgiving and remind us that the day is all about celebration and time with...

Women, Thanksgiving and Gender Roles - The Thanksgiving Gender Divide
Why is there a gender divide at Thanksgiving? Why are women in the kitchen and men in the family room watching TV? Even the most forward-thinking women revert back to those stereotypical gender roles at Thanksgiving. Read what experts have to say about these roles, why we assume them, and whether or not we can change the dynamic.

Thanksgiving Responsibilities - Who Does What for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving...
Readers share how they divide up Thanksgiving responsibilities and decide who does what for Thanksgiving. It doesn't always have to be women cooking and men carving the Thanksgiving turkey. Other Thanksgiving duties can flex the boundaries of gender roles. Do you have any unique approaches?

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