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2012 Election - Women Candidates and Women's Issues

A record number of women ran for Congress while the Republican "war on women" put the issues of contraception and abortion front and center. On a number of fronts, women were influential in the 2012 election.

The 2012 Election Gender Gap - Why Obama Won, Why Romney Lost
In 2012, after a year of being told that women's issues didn't matter and that the economy did, women went against conventional wisdom by voting for the presidential candidate who was clearly pro-woman -- Barack Obama. Here's why women voted the way they did.

Key Battles and Issues in the Republican War on Women
The 'Republican War on Women' hinges on several controversial issues which have become key battlegrounds in the struggle over women's rights. Here's a look at what those are.

Men Behaving Badly in 2012 - Men Behind the Top Women's Issues Stories of 2012
While many women made headlines in 2012 because of their accomplishments, these men became infamous for what they said (and did) regarding women and issues that matter to women.

What is 'The Republican War on Women' and When Did It Start?
When someone utters the phrase "the Republican War on Women" what exactly do they mean? When did it start, what is the basis for this so-called "war" and why is it perceived as anti-woman?

When Did the Republican Party Turn Its Back on Women and Women's Issues?
You'd never know it from the present political climate, but historically speaking, the Republican Party was in the forefront of supporting women's issues and women's rights. So why have Republicans turned their backs on women, and when did this start?

Why Some Republican Candidates Make Stupid Remarks About Rape
Never have so few men made so many cringe with such stupid words. The 2012 election cycle has spawned a number of cringe-inducing comments about rape and pregnancy due to rape. Why have so many Republican candidates made stupid statements about rape, and why haven't Democrats?

Women's Issues in the Second Presidential Debate of 2012
In the second presidential debate of 2012, although undecided voters were responsible for the questions posed to the candidates, once again women's issues got short shrift.

The Single Women's Vote in the 2012 Election
Who wins the 2012 presidential election may have a great deal to do with how many unmarried women turn out to vote. A look at why this often overlooked group may be the most important segment of "the women's vote," and what their concerns are.

2012 Election - Presidential Candidates' Positions on Women's Issues
If your primary concern in picking the next President and Vice President in the 2012 election hinges on women's issues, you'll want to know how the Democratic and Republican candidates view issues of specific concern to women such as contraception, reproductive rights, and legalized abortion.

Electing More Women in 2012 - Increasing the Number of Women in Politics
With Congress only 16% female in any given year, how can we elect more women to public office? Identifying and training qualified, viable candidates is the first step, and several national non-partisan non-profit groups are doing exactly that.

Women's Issues in the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate
Although women's issues only surfaced in the 2012 vice presidential debate during a question about the influence of religion on the candidates' views on abortion, the answers they provided pointed out a fundamental difference between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan.

Rick Santorum's Views on Women's Issues: Santorum on Women in His Own Words
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is a staunch supporter of traditional family values who is opposed to abortion, contraception, military women in the front lines of combat, and women working outside the home. His thoughts on these topics and more can be found here in his own words.

Who are Romney's Possible Choices for a Female Running Mate?
A look at the women whom Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is rumored to be considering for his running mate should he decide he wants a woman for vice president. Each of these potential VPs has demonstrated strong female leadership and bring a track record of success in their public service careers in their respective states.

What is Mitt Romney's position on contraception?
The Republican nominee for president in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney seems to have carefully avoided nailing down his specific views on contraception, probably because they have shifted over the years. This look at the candidate and where he stands today shows how many of his views on the issue have taken a 180 degree turn in the past decade.

What is Paul Ryan's position on contraception?
Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is vehemently anti-abortion. But what are his views on contraception? Judging from his voting record and his support of specific types of legislation, here's the answer.

How Many Women are Running for Congress in 2012? A Record Number
More women ran for Congress in 2012 than ever before. Here's a breakdown by party affiliation and a look at why so many women may have decided to run...and why 2012 offers specific opportunities for new candidates to win.

Townsend's 'Acid Attack' Comment Burns Rep. Hayworth's Re-election Campaign
When a spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) suggested hurling acid at female Democratic senators on a Facebook page during her re-election campaign in 2012, both the candidate and Jay Townsend, the GOP consultant, were burned by the fallout.

Wives of 'Rape Remark' Politicians - Who are the Women Married to These Men?
What kind of a woman marries a politician who makes such ignorant statements about rape and pregnancy resulting from rape? Surprisingly, these stay-at-home political wives were once independent and liberal-thinking women before marriage, and their back stories may surprise and even shock you.

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