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The Value of Female Friendships - Women's Issues - About.com
Is there value in female friendships? As women we are more social, more community focused, collaborative, and less competitive than men - and the need for ...
Women's Groups - Women's Friendships
Women frequently reach beyond themselves to build community connections through friendships, women's groups, social opportunities and volunteering.
Biography of Debba Haupert, Friendship Expert ... - Women's Issues
Biography of Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology and expert on female friendships.
September Is Women's Friendship Month! - About.com
We tend to hear a lot about the negative aspects of women's friendships (such as frenemy type of behavior, jealousy, exclusion, and more), but the truth is that ...
Separate Spheres Ideology - Women's Place & Men's Place
Women's Place and Men's Place in Separate Spheres Ideology ... there was no singular "women's culture" and the women's friendships, documented in studies ...
Friendship Sites Enable Women to Make New ... - Women's Issues
Female friendships often suffer due to moving, marriage or motherhood, prompting many women to seek out new friends. But meeting new people isn't as easy ...
Five Traits of True Christian Friends - Christianity - About.com
True Christian friends are rare treasures. Get to know three types of Christian friendships and five qualities of true Christian friends.
Marilyn Monroe Quotes - Women's History - About.com
As far as I can make out, women's friendships with each other are based on a gush of lies and pretty speeches that mean nothing. You'd think they were all ...
Quote of the Day - Daily Friendship Quotes - About.com
Anne Morrow Lindbergh on the differences between men and women's friendship. Ads. &ensp .... Diane Von Furstenberg talks about women's friendships.
15 Friendship Myths - About.com
Friendships end for many reasons. Sometimes, you might not even know why a friend has moved on. Appreciate the friends you have in your life while you have  ...
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