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The Value of Female Friendships - Women's Issues - About.com
Is there value in female friendships? As women we are more social, more community focused, collaborative, and less competitive than men - and the need for ...
Women's Groups - Women's Friendships
Women frequently reach beyond themselves to build community connections through friendships, women's groups, social opportunities and volunteering.
Friendship Sites Enable Women to Make New Friends
Female friendships often suffer due to moving, marriage or motherhood, prompting many women to seek out new friends. But meeting new people isn't as easy ...
Ways to Celebrate Womens Friendship Month - About.com
We tend to hear a lot about the negative aspects of women's friendships (such as frenemy type of behavior, jealousy, exclusion, and more), but the truth is that ...
15 Friendship Myths - About.com
Don't buy into this myth that strong women can't be friends with each other. Instead, work to find women you connect with. It may take time, but finding good ...
Stress and Womens Health - Stress Relief for Womens Health
Nov 17, 2007 ... One stumbling block to friendships for women is that we find ourselves more and more busy these days. Demands of work, children, or other ...
Opposite-Sex Friends - Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?
Get and share opinions about whether men and women can be just friends without any romantic attachment.
Advice for Christian Women - Christianity - About.com
Find devotionals, online support and prayer groups, women's ministry tools, health and ... Get to know three types of Christian friendships and five traits of true  ...
How to Develop a Healthy Platonic Friendship - About.com
Can men and women be friends? Of course, but there are a different set of rules for them than other friendships. If you can make a platonic friendship work, you'll  ...
Girlfriend Social - Women Looking for New Friends - Friendship
Girlfriend Social can help you meet other female friends.
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