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Reasons Why Teens Choose to Have an Abortion - Women's Issues
A teen considering abortion is influenced by where she lives, her religious beliefs , her relationship with her parents, access to family planning services, and the ...
Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates in the United States
Teen Pregnancy Rate and Teen Abortion Rate in the United States. Current U.S. Statistics, Numbers and Facts on Teen Pregnancy and Teen Abortion. By Linda ...
Teen Abortion - Teens and Abortion - Women's Issues - About.com
With over 80% of teen pregnancies unplanned, many teens choose abortion for a variety of reasons. Here's a look at teens and abortion -- the reasons why ...
Top Ten States with Highest Teenage Abortion Rates
A list of the top ten states in the US that have the highest abortion rates among ... The Real Facts about Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates in America · Teen ...
What "Juno" Says About Teen Pregnancy, Abortion and Choice
The Academy Award-nominated comedy "Juno" has a lot to say about teen pregnancy, abortion and choice. The problem is, very little of it is realistic.
Abortion Laws for Teens by State Nebraska to Wyoming - About.com
A listing of abortion laws for minors Teens by state. ... Teen Dating and Sexuality · Teen Pregnancy: Advice for Parents About Teen Pregnancy · Teen Pregnancy ...
Teen Pregnancy: A Good Girl Shares her Story ... - Teen Advice
I became pregnant by that first guy, and family pressures led me to have an abortion. Lesson learned right then and there, huh? Guess again. Next was the guy I ...
Teen Charged in Abortion by Baseball Bat - Crime and Punishment
A 16-year-old Michigan teen has been charged with helping his girlfriend terminate her unwanted pregnancy by hitting her in the abdomen with a baseball bat ...
Teenage Pregnancy - Women's Issues - About.com
Facts and statistics on teen pregnancy including rates of teen pregnancy nationally and ... What "Juno" Says About Teen Pregnancy, Abortion and Choice.
Teen Pregnancy in the United States - Women's Issues - About.com
Some will decide to become teen mothers and raise a child. Others may opt for adoption. And some will choose abortion. What are the facts about teen ...
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