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Key Battles and Issues in the Republican War on Women
The 'Republican War on Women' hinges on several controversial issues which have become key battlegrounds in the struggle over women's rights. Here's a ...
What is 'The Republican War on Women' and When Did It Start?
Oct 27, 2012 ... When someone utters the phrase "the Republican War on Women" what exactly do they mean? When did it start, what is the basis for this ...
When Did the Republican Party Turn Its Back on Women and ...
So why have Republicans turned their backs on women, and when did this start? ... Despite a Long History of Backing Women, GOP Wages a War on Women ...
List of Conservative Female Republican Governors in the U.S.
This new energy within the Republican party, and the possibility of expanding the GOP voting base to new levels, could explain the rise of the mythical "War on ...
2012 Election - Women's Issues - About.com
A record number of women ran for Congress while the Republican "war on women" put the issues of contraception and abortion front and center. On a number of ...
Republican Abortion Ban and the War on Women - Cartoon
A political cartoon about Republicans and the war on women.
Women's Vote in 2008 Election - Why Sarah Palin Failed to Get the ...
Republican candidate John McCain, whose track record on women's issues did not indicate strong support over the years, strayed from his short list of potential ...
What is Title X - Women's Issues - About.com
Description of the federal program known as Title X which supports comprehensive family planning by provided funding to community based clinics offering ...
Andy Borowitz Quotes - Funny Borowitz Tweets and One-Liner Jokes
"To mark the hundredth anniversary of the Titanic, the Republicans have ... "The only possible reason the Republicans have declared a war on women is they ...
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Republican National Coalition for Life · Susan B. ... National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Pacifist ... National Federation of Republican Women
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