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Gender Gap Between Girls and Boys - Women's Issues - About.com
The gender gap that exists between boys and girls starts early and shows up in everything from toys and books to test scores and career interests. Mind the gap ...
Gender Wage Gap Statistics - Facts Reveal Women Earn Less Than ...
While women overall earn less than men across the board, the size of the gender wage gap varies based on race, education, age and marital status. However ...
Gender Gap - Nobel Winner Elizabeth Blackburn on Gender Gap in ...
Nobel prize winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn on the gender gap in science and how to close it by encouraging girls in science by making science more fun.
Gender Gap in math - Mathematics - About.com
Research Indicates the Gender Gap Is Narrowing. The term 'Numeracy Gender Gap' refers to the discrepancies in attitude, skills, and mathematical behaviors ...
Which Country Has the Smallest Gender Gap?
The latest report from World Economic Forum shows overall gains in closing the global gender gap, with Nordic countries leading the pack.
Yes, the Gender Pay Gap is Real. Here's Why it Exists. - Sociology
The gender pay gap is real, and can be seen in hourly earnings, weekly earnings , annual income, and wealth. It exists both across and within occupations.
The Gender Gap in Computing - Why Girls Don't Like Computing
Why are only 20% of technology positions held by women? Why does a gender gap in computing exist? How do we encourage girls to become interested in ...
Women and Money: Overcoming the Financial Gender Gap
Women need to overcome the financial gender gap in order to prepare for a secure financial future.
The 2012 Election Gender Gap - Why Obama Won, Why Romney Lost
Although Team Romney made numerous attempts to narrow the gender gap, they failed...and election night was the final proof. So what did Romney get wrong  ...
Entertainment & News Industry Show Disparity & Gender Gap
Entertainment & News Industry Show Disparity & Gender Gap. You've come a long way, baby... or have you? From video games to motion pictures, news and ...
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