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Leadership Qualities Unique to Women - Women's Issues - About.com
What are the qualities of women leaders? Is there a gender difference between male and female leadership? Are there leadership qualities unique to women?
Female Leadership, Women in Management - Women's Issues
But how is it for women at the top? In many industries, there are far fewer women in management than men. Is female leadership different from male leadership, ...
Women and Leadership - Gender Issues in Female Leadership
When it comes to leadership, do women differ significantly than men? Are there gender issues when it comes to female leadership?
How to Promote Women in Leadership Roles - Human Resources
Women experience challenges at work to utilize their strengths and obtain promotions to leadership roles. Let's consider what organizations can do.
Is the U.S. Ready for a Female President?
Former First Lady and New York Senator, she has a track record as an effective leader who happens to be female, and a good chance of becoming the first ...
Defying Gender Expectations - Sarah Hall on Feminism and Female ...
Though not written exclusively for women, Hall acknowledges that gender expectations exist in our society, and discusses feminism and female leadership in the ...
2014 Best U.S. Retail Industry Companies for Women in Leadership ...
Which U.S. retail industry companies are the best employers for women who want to get promoted into retail executive leadership, management and executive  ...
Women Leaders Who Head Their Country - Geography - About.com
Prominent women leaders in countries around the world. Learn about women leading their countries from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.
Prominent Women in Afghanistan - Women Leaders in Afghanistan
After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Afghan women slowly came out from under the burqa and seized a greater role in society. But there have been challenges in  ...
How Real Women Get Ahead: The Woman's Advantage at Work
Pam ignored that early advice, made the decision to be herself, and stayed the course. Now, 33 years later, she is a sales director, one of the top female leaders  ...
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