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Gifts That Give Back to Women - Socially Responsible Gifts
All benefit women, and many qualify as fair trade gifts. ... Guatemala offering reasonably priced quality handwoven items including table linens, napkins, shawls, ...
Fair Trade - Definition for Fair Trading - Retailing Terms
Fair trade is an organized movement developed to promote standards of ... negotiate with the growers, manufacturers and producers of products for a fair price.
What Is Fair Trade - Local Foods - About.com
Fair trade is a market approach to socio-economic change. It primarily addresses goods produced in developing countries and sold to developed countries.
Fair Trade - Green Living - About.com
As the market for sustainable, fair trade products grows, more shops are carrying certified fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, cotton clothing, fruits and other items.
Fair Trade - Definition of Fair Trade - Organic - About.com
Are organic products and Fair Trade products the same thing?
Fair Trade - Logistics/Supply Chain - About.com
Both the producer and the importer have to abide by fair trade agreements that are the standards by which goods are certified as Fair Trade. The agreements are ...
10 Product Labels That Don't Mean Organic - About.com
Coffee and chocolates are two of the most well-known products associated with fair trade, but any number of products can now be certified as fairly traded.
Global Organics - Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients. - About.com
founded in 1992, promotes and distributes natural organic and Fair Trade products. GO! notes that they are, "Dedicated to supporting sustainable agricultural ...
Best Ethical Shopping in London - London Travel - About.com
Ethical... fair trade... organic... green... eco... We hear these phrases regularly. And it seems shoppers are much more aware of where their goods come from and ...
How to Sell Your New Product to Whole Foods Market
Melt uses the highest quality,non-GMO and fair trade ingredients and its products were already certified Organic and Kosher. As a result of WFM preferences ...
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