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Three Most Common Reasons Women Have an Abortion
A look at why women choose abortion and the most commonly given ... Less than half of teens who become mothers before age 18 graduate from high school. ... that I'm having sex; My husband/partner wants me to have an abortion; There are  ...
Reasons Why Teens Choose to Have an Abortion - Women's Issues
A look at the reasons why teens choose abortion, and the role that parental involvement ... Institute, the reasons teens most often give for having an abortion are: ... age 18 earn a high school diploma as compared to other young women from ....
Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates in the United ... - Women's Issues
Teen Pregnancy Rate and Teen Abortion Rate in the United States ... Among black women aged 15–19, the pregnancy rate dropped 48% .... Get the best of
Common Reasons Women Have for Abortions - Contraception
Jun 29, 2014 ... Most women usually cite several reasons for abortion. ... (73%); Didn't want to be a single mother or was having relationship problems (48%) ... Most women of every age, race, income level, parity and education who chose an .....
Top 10 Abortion Facts and Statistics - Women's Issues - About.com
For women ages 15-44, two out of every hundred have an abortion. ... 10. For women having abortions, 43% are Protestant and 27% identify as Catholic.
Abortion - Contraception - About.com
May 27, 2014 ... U.S. women, age 24 and younger, account for about for 52% of ... "Contraceptive use among U.S. women having abortions in 2000–2001.
Abortion in the Ancient and Premodern World - Women's History
He is recorded as having instructed a prostitute to induce abortion by jumping up and down. ... We know that tansy was used from at least the Middle Ages.
Why Did You Choose Abortion? - Women's Issues - About.com
6 months after I had my son, at the age of 17 I got pregnant again on the pill and I made the decision to get an abortion. At the age of 18 I got pregnant and had a ...
Abortion Laws for Teens by State - About.com
A listing of abortion laws for minors Teens by state. ... Female doctor shaking hands with pregnant woman - Buero Monaco/Taxi/Getty Images ... FAQ: Can my daughter get an abortion without my consent? ... Ages and Stages: Teens.
Why Abortion - Why Choose Abortion - Women's Issues - About.com
Why Women Choose Abortion - Reasons Most Commonly Given by Women. Each year, it's estimated ... who choose abortion? Statistical information on age, race, religious background, marital status, and more. ... We deliver. Get the best of
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