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100 Famous African-American Men and Women of the 20th Century
In this article, you will find a listing of 100 African Americans who truly achieved greatness by either ... Politicians, Lawyers, and Other Government Leaders.
African-American Women in Politics - African-American History
During the 1930s, Mary McLeod Bethune served in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's black cabinet. Since the 1960s, African-American women have served in ...
African-Americans and the Progressive Era - African-American History
African-Americans were faced with consistent racism in the form of segregation in public spaces, lynchings, disenfranchisement from the political process, and ...
African-American Senators - African-American History - About.com
Eight African-Americans elected or appointed to the United States Senate. ... In 1995, Scott began his foray into local politics by serving on the Charleston ...
African American History and Women Timeline 1920-1929
A chronology of events and birthdates for African American women and other ... worker, politician; first African American woman to serve in the US Congress).
Famous African Americans in History - Race Relations - About.com
When black history month rolls around each year, many focus on the accomplishments of black activists and inventors. However, black poets, politicians and war ...
Biographies of influential African-Americans - African-American History
Biographies of African Americans. ... During the Reconstruction Period, several African-American leaders in the political and social arenas. Maggie Lena Walker.
African-American Population by State
This article lists the percentage of each state that is African-American, per the 2010 U.S. census, from the highest to lowest ... Liberal Politics Essentials.
African American History and Women Timeline 1980-1989
A chronology of events and birthdates for African American women and other women involved in ... Patricia Roberts Harris died (lawyer, politician, diplomat) ...
African-American History Timeline: 1940 to 1949
This timeline looks at African-American achievements between 1940 to 1949. ... The U.S. Supreme Court declares that white only political primaries are ...
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