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100 Famous African-American Men and Women of the 20th Century
African-American men and women have made great contributions to American ... In this article, you will find a listing of 100 African Americans who truly achieved ...
African-Americans and the Progressive Era - African-American History
Overview: Between the 1890s and the 1920s, the United States was experiencing rapid growth. Immigrants from eastern and southern Europe arrived in droves.
African American History and Women Timeline 1860-1863
A chronology of events and birthdates for African American women and other women ... (July 13-17) many New York African Americans killed in draft riots.
African-American Women in Politics - African-American History
Although the group was an informal advisory committee to Roosevelt, the work helped African-Americans gain services through federal agencies. Since the ...
African-American Population by State in 2010 - Liberal Politics
This article lists the percentage of each state that is African-American, per the 2010 U.S. census, from the highest to lowest percentage of the total state ...
Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement, 1965-1969 - African ...
African Americans living in northern cities became increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of ... Thirty-four people, mostly African Americans, die during the riot.
African American History and Women Timeline 1920-1929
(October) stock market crash, a sign of the oncoming Great Depression, where African Americans, including women, were usually the "last hired, first fired".
African American History and Women Timeline 1980-1989
A chronology of events and birthdates for African American women and other women involved in African American history. This section of the timeline covers the ...
Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1964 - African ...
On February 1, four young African-American men, students at North Carolina Agriculture ... This phone call convinces many African-Americans to support the ...
African-American Organizations of the Progressive Era
Despite the presence of Jim Crow Era laws and politics, African-Americans attempted to reach achieve equality by creating organizations that would help them ...
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