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Susana Morris

Susana Morris

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Welcome to Women's Issues!  I'm Susana Morris--a blogger, activist, and professor committed to illuminating women's stories and experiences.


I am a co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective (CFC) and a contributing writer on the CFC blog. My work has been featured on NPR, HuffPost Live, and in Colorlines and Essence magazine. I am also currently an associate professor of English at Auburn University, where I teach courses on African American literature. My work has been published in several academic journals and my book, Close Kin and Distant Relatives: The Paradox of Respectability in Black Women’s Literature, was published by the University of Virginia Press in January 2014.



I received my BA in English from Mount Holyoke College and my Ph.D. in English from Emory University.


By Susana Morris:

Women's issues are everyone's issues! This site is a resource to learn and share about the social and political issues and events that we experience in all of our communities.


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