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The Top 10 Women's Issues News Stories of 2012

By December 30, 2012

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Frankly, the problem with every end of year list is that they provoke fistfights and shouting matches. Invariably, something is included that you disagree with...and something is left off that you think is of vital importance.

So I'll be honest. My list of the Top 10 women's issues news stories is highly subjective. The one item I'm sure will be ridiculed is the inclusion of the story of bus monitor Karen Klein. But before you get up in my grill about it, follow the link and read the details of the original incident. Many specific facts about the threats made by Klein's youthful persecutors were overlooked by mainstream media because they're stomach-turning. Their avoidance of these details tells us something about how media regards older women in our society...and why rape isn't about sex but power.

Because the list was compiled in early December, two very recent incidents didn't make it: the Newtown shootings and the gang rape and death of the young woman in India.

While you may argue Newtown wasn't specifically a women's issue, the fact is that elementary education is a female-intensive career field where the overwhelming majority (81%) of teachers and administrators are women. This, coupled with the fact that some (including the NRA) are calling for teachers to be trained in the use of firearms, does make the Sandy Hook shooting very much a women's issue...but one that will play out more fully in 2013 as we come to terms with what to do about gun violence in schools.

Take a look at the list and if you feel strongly about certain items I should have included, add them (with links) in the comments below.

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