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His First Pro-Choice Act - Obama Rescinds Anti-abortion "Mexico City Policy"

By January 26, 2009

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Citing "the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies," President Obama took his first step as a pro-choice president by rescinding an anti-abortion policy that in his words, "undermined efforts to promote safe and effective voluntary family planning in developing countries." Called the "Mexico City Policy" by some and the "Global Gag Rule" by others, the policy was first enacted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

My colleague Robert Longley takes an in-depth look at the Mexico Policy and Obama's decision to overturn it. The newly-inaugurated president signed the executive order on Friday, January 23, 2008, the day after the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion.

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February 14, 2009 at 4:56 pm
(1) student says:

Should President Obama also be concerned about unintended children?

April 23, 2009 at 10:12 pm
(2) Obama says:

It sort of seems like Obama is trying everything that all the different presidents tried but fail. For some reason, this time around, he thinks they’ll work..

September 10, 2010 at 10:04 pm
(3) Mary says:

Obahma is doing what needs to be done and we live in America dont for get it . Many things go on in America and the abortion issue is just many of the issues America needs to deal with . And those who are agaist it need to go and make phone calls to the women who decided to keep thier child and are struggling to maintain a home and provide for the child they saved from an abortion. Know some of those children may have become a reget to the mother and are now being turned over to the state and put in foster care or possible become molested by an individual or the mother could have been a drug attic. So were are you people ? You want to save a life save this children they need you ,but guess what you arent moving fast enough . But I beleive that those who dnt agree with it dnt go home with those who have to deal with the situation and if you do well do your thing and allow others to do what is right for themselves.I beleive those who are pro-life need a reality check and need to go spend some time with children who’s mothers are lost and dnt care about life in general and dnt have any standards , morals,or love for themselves. Now those women do need to abored their child or children. And yes I know there have been many cases were unwanted children have been placed in a good home but how about the ones who havent or those who become a menis to society and end up in jail. For example Charles Manson just to name one indivsual who was neglected by his mother and abused and what became of him? I can go on and on . So if the tax payers want to be against abortion so let it b and see who will be paying for it the innocent over and out gotta go. I can go on and on.

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