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For January Stalking Awareness Month, 9 Articles About Cyberstalking Every Woman Should Read

By January 8, 2009

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January is National Stalking Awareness Month, and this year marks the fifth anniversary of its observance. So why haven't you heard about it?

Probably because "there is still a widespread lack of information on the crime of stalking. A good number of people still think it is a 'celebrity issue,'" says one CEO of a national victim's advocacy group.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, stalking is a very real threat to many normal 'average' women:

Data from a 2005 CDC study indicated that approximately 7 million women and 2 million men in the United States had been stalked at some time during their lifetime....often, the stalker is a spouse or partner, ex-spouse, acquaintance, or family member....

Stalking...can lead to violence. In an estimated 25%--35% of cases, stalkers commit violence against the persons they are stalking....A 10-city, nationally representative study of female homicide victims conducted in 1999 indicated that 76% of female victims of intimate partner homicides were stalked by their partners before they were killed.

A relatively recent development is cyberstalking -- a crime so new that few laws are on the books to deal with the destructive activity of its perpetrators.

I thought cyberstalking was restricted to online behavior such as the threatening comments one sees in chat rooms and forums. But cyberstalking expert (and former victim) Alexis A. Moore set the record straight, and explained how any woman can be the target of a cyberstalker and not even own a computer.

To help educate us all about cyberstalking during Stalking Awareness Month, she's written a series of nine articles that every woman should read. Don't just skip over this and say, "It could never happen to me." Moore once thought the same thing, and she had to learn the hard way how very wrong she was.

Cyberstalking Article Index:


January 20, 2010 at 12:22 pm
(1) Gwenllian says:

The world of the internet, one way or another, is going to be the backbone of our civilization for the next several decades. Currently cyberspace is a lot like the Wild West in 19th-century America: millions of people rushing into this new world of opportunity, with virtually no order, control or oversight. Most people are acting responsibly out there, but more and more people out there are exploiting the lack of oversight to do all sorts of things they couldn’t possibly get away with in the real world. A growing problem out there is harassment: cyber-stalking and cyber-terrorism. Abuse on the internet has already claimed victims: Megan Meier of Missouri killed herself at the age of 13 after a group of adults targeted her for bullying and betrayal in MySpace. One would think that this sort of behaviour would largely be confined to tweens and teens, but the sad fact is that many adults, faced with the prospect of sitting down at their laptops and enjoying a powerful megaphone that can reach the whole world, with no consequences, indulge in behaviour that would make them cringe if their names were publicly attached to them. Abuse is a big problem and it’s growing, spreading. And some people are working hard to spread it, deliberately.

One of the largest networks for internet communication is Delphi/Mzinga, and one of the biggest forums within that internet family is a place called Isle Of Whack. With 30,000 members, it is fairly huge, and its influence spreads across the internet. And its most cherished aim is…abuse, bullying, cyber-stalking. The ringleaders of this group launch terror campaigns against their own members and even outsiders, with thousands of posts of insults, malicious rumors, namecalling, gang attacks, threats, and attempts to stalk victims in real life. They deliberately target the weak and vulnerable, victims of abuse, anyone who dares to defend the victims, or anyone who shows signs of, no other word for it, decency. Their greatest joy is to cause one of their victims to go into a “meltdown”. In one case they tried to encourage a girl to commit suicide. The abuse and the stalking can go on for years, hunting victims in real life, trying to cause problems in people’s workplaces and families. The effort is quite organized and sophisticated. Some victims are so scarred that they are afraid to speak out about the abuse – some are afraid to use the internet at all, for fear of being hunted. Some victims are also abuse victims in real life, and they have in some cases shown more fear of the IOW attackers than their real-world attackers. Even though this behaviour violates not only the forum terms of service but also state and federal law in some cases, the parent organization which has oversight over all this has ignored complaints, tossed victims aside, and essentially surrendered control to the Isle Of Whack regulars: the victims have only two choices – hide or leave the internet entirely.

Welcome to Cyber-Bully University. The Isle Of Whack.

With no supervision, the Isle Of Whack regulars launch unprovoked, unnecessary, pointless attack campaigns, with the sole aim of hurting their own members and visitors. Posting false and defamatory accusations, rumors, namecalling and labels, to humiliate the victim and damage reputations; attempting to turn others against the victim and join in the harassment; claiming that the victim harmed someone in some way, seeking revenge for real or imaginary harm; seeking and threatening to harm the victim in the real world; internet surveillance, trying to track IP addresses, homes and places of employment; posting personal information about the victim on the internet, as embarrassing as possible.

The IOW people deliberately target abuse victims and other vulnerable people. Their aim is to cause the victim to “melt down”, so they can “get out the popcorn”, enjoy the show, and continue the savagery. They also target anyone who dares to defend the victims. They actually targeted a member who posted information on how to contribute to Haiti earthquake relief. If there’s someone they truly dislike, they are capable of attacking him or her on 5-10 threads at once. Weirdly, they even attack members who try to help other members in trouble, as though compassion is a violation of the terms of service: when the regulars spot a grownup in the room, anyone with manners, anyone with any vulnerability, it’s like sharks smelling blood.

All of this is quite easy to verify, because abuse is the focus of their lives: a quick look at the truly gigantic post-threads that dominate the forum, shows that the big threads are overwhelmingly dominated by abusive posts: 600 posts on the “So Mote It Be” thread, 3000 on “Come Home Disillusioned”, 700 about a child flushing a toilet, 400 on the “Funtimes” thread, 200 on “This ID”, 100 on PTSD, 300 on the abused-women thread. And even when they are not abusing their victims, they are venting their spleen about all the real-world people they hate – their own relatives, the people and companies they deal with, and so on.

IOW has entire folders loaded with threads specifically aimed at abusing other members, folders with ironic names like “I Can’t Believe She Said That” and “She’s So Mean”.

There was one member who was vulnerable and emotional because she had left an abusive relationship and had two seriously ill family members, so needless to say the IOW crew pounced on her, both in IOW and in two other forums. When she fought back, one of the IOW regulars warned her that she’d regret it, and carried through on the threat. Her reputation was savaged, all across the internet. She said “I won’t lie. It hurt. I was in a bad place and they took advantage of it and still do. They really took a chunk out of me at a time when I was weak and down. This was years ago, and they still bring me up like it was the other day. They do that to everyone….I watched them attack women who were admittedly mentally ill. I watched them attack people viciously, follow them in real life, track their Myspace pages, phone CPS on them, phone their mothers, and in one instance phoned a girls ex to tell him she was carrying his baby because she wouldn’t. That’s only a tiny bit of the damage they’ve caused for kicks and giggles.”

Another member was suffering because her daughter had autism and her brother was suicidal because his son had died in an accident. They pounded her with hundreds of attacks while she was still in mourning, stalking her across the internet so they could attack and harass her wherever she surfaced. Another horrified member described it: “They followed her everywhere, until she finally “melted” (spree! Get out the popcorn) on IOW. They harassed her everywhere she posted…hoping for a joyous return of her meltdowns.”

Yet another member was known by the IOW regulars to be an abuse victim – and they still pounded her repeatedly, just for offering her opinion on buying a computer. They smelled vulnerability, and pounced.

Another member made the fatal mistake of displaying some sort of weakness or vulnerability, and was hounded with hundreds of attacks posts, and then railroaded out of the forum. This person then compounded his/her error by pleading for reinstatement, whereupon the “Whacks” put this person on “trial”, conducting an endless inquisition to determine whether to “reinstate” or “execute”, dangling the prospect of reinstatement in front of them as long as possible, making the victim beg and beg and beg before, of course, dropping the axe. Followed of course by an entire evening of giggles from the IOW crew.

Here is a brief, very mild example, the abuse they dumped on one member who raised a perfectly harmless issue pertaining to PTSD. This went on for weeks. If you’re a sensitive reader, feel free to skip to the next paragraph — it isn’t pretty.

“I just want to tell you that you suck for taking a sh*t in a thread that was started for the sole purpose of asking for help and support. You suck. What a self-serving dick. You babble on with your tinfoil hat and your razorwire compound. I think you are a freak. What kind of a dick does that? One who rates way up on the douchemometer? Whatever his message was, it was lost in a sea of selfish assholery. Are you still spreading your manure everywhere? I told you in the other thread that you so rudely sh*t in, that you have NO freaking clue what you are talking about. I guarantee that no one at this forum will take you seriously now that you have shown how lacking in class you really are. You are talking out of your ass, sir, and I suspect that you may have some disorder that makes you feel compelled to act like a douchebag but that does not excuse your behaviour in the least. I’m wondering how I can help you get the psychological help you seem to need but frankly, until you take a break from being a dickwad on the internet, step back and take a look at your random rants, no improvement will be forthcoming and you will continue to serve no use to anyone except as a skin irritant. Enjoy your life gnawing at your feet and scratching secret messages into the floorboards. This guy is a vagina. His delusions of self-importance are sickening. You are winning the Whack of the Month contest, if that’s what you are inquiring about. You are also the only finalist for the Douche of the Year contest here at the Isle. The point you made here in the real world is that you are an ass. You seem too thick to figure out that there are some things that even if you win, you lose. Like, for instance, The FreeWheel2 Crams His Jackass Opinion Down The Throats Of Every American From His Armchair contest…You are a f*ckin’ moron. I swear, it’s like talking to someone who doesn’t speak a word of English. Your stupidity and nastiness are astronomical. Go conspiracywank somewhere else, ponyboy, because no one gives a sh*t about your disconnected babbling and fist eating over here. We heard you the first time. We just didn’t give a f*ck about your opinion. We might if you post your dumb question again, though. He’s one of the few, the proud, the ones whose net IQ would go up if they got head lice. Right now, I’d say a good cure for suicide is not to have to listen to your rambling disjointed foot-typed bullsh*t. Why do people not figure out what the f*ck they’re talking about before they start ranting about it? Let’s ask FreekWheel! Gods you’re f*cking disgusting. Seriously. Disgusting. You’re a Class A Douchebag. He’s too far gone. The asscranialectomy won’t take. You are sickening. If you were to go f*ck yourself in the woods, would anyone care? You are an ignorant ass-clown. I am done with you, you are too damn stupid to even deal with. You have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Get a life, and go spew your bullsh*t to someone who cares. Go crawl back into your mom’s basement and play Dungeons and Dragons with all your little friends from junior high, mmmkay? Someday you will squirm with the recognition of how totally you have shown your ass here. I didn’t change the subject, asswad. I told you eleventy times that, YES, you are winning the Douchebag of the Year contest. F*ck off. You are an idiot and a simpleton if you think that post was at all appropriate.”

This is not just abusive activity – it is organized abusive activity. Not content with abusing their victims in the IOW forum itself, they pursue their targets all across cyberspace and in real life. They use their pliant moderators to track IP addresses; they harass their victims in one internet forum after another, hoping to drive them off the net entirely. Victims foolish enough to share private details find that the IOW regulars are hunting them in the real world, calling the law on them, calling their relatives, trying to cause them further trauma. At one point, one visitor who fled the IOW forum popped up in another forum and asked innocently: “can anybody recommend some forums to join? I don’t want to go back to IOW” – and the IOW posse descended like the Nazgul, attacking. At another point, an IOW “leader” was pursuing an IP address in hopes of penetrating a government computer and discovering the identity of one of her targets. Yet another member is opening another forum, a new branch office for abuse and harassment. Try to think of historical examples of such organized sadism – only groups like the Nazis and the Klan come to mind. More and more, this abusive behaviour spills outside the confines of the IOW forum. In some cases, they even coordinate their “hunts” with like-minded members of other Delphi forums.

When members began to raise these issues, an extraordinary thing happened. A number of terrified IOW victims came forward and sent private messages, detailing the abuse that the IOW regulars had directed at others. But they begged that no one disclose who they were, because they didn’t want to be hounded and stalked anymore. What makes it even more extraordinary is that a number of these women are victims of real-life abuse, and apparently they are even more terrified of the cyberspace attacks of the IOW people, than they are of their real-world abusers.


A growing number of women have shared tales of the terror campaigns of the past.

“Those women scare the sh*t out of me.”

“They’re vicious, horrible character assassins of the worst kind.”

“It’s a free-for-all and they’re downright cruel. I was already on bad terms with them when I made the dire mistake of sticking up for [an IOW member], who dared to go off her medication and act like ‘whack” as a result. She threatened to commit suicide if they don’t stop, and [another IOW member] said her daughter would be better off without her. That’s when I stepped in and flipped. Now I’m a whack and a whack defender! There’s another story if you’d like….”

“A forum you choose to frequent holds destructive women who thrive on causing trouble amongst friends, who feed off of vulnerable women, sometimes express racist views about their “friends”.“

There are more witnesses to all this, but they’re too scared to speak up – they said so.

When they can’t find victims to abuse, they will either post something inflammatory in hopes of attracting a former victim back for more abuse (see the “Is That You” thread), or they will pull up an old abuse thread and relive it again, or they will reminisce about their past terror campaigns. They did so in a “Whack of the Decade” thread that went up to something like 1500 posts, the Cyber-Harassment Hall of Flame, crowing and laughing about all the people they’ve tried to abuse and humiliate over the years, replaying the cries of the victims, and teaching the new folks whom to attack. Likewise the “IOW Losers” thread, and “Best Post By a Whack”, and “Just Do Not Fit In”. They never, ever let go: abuse campaigns can go on for thousands of posts, for years. Years later they still crow about the terror campaign they launched against the woman with the pooping dog.

A complicating factor is that ironically, a lot of these IOW people are themselves abuse victims, or else have other issues. One of the worst abusers has acknowledged mental illness issues; regularly there are stories of drugs, abusive parents, dysfunctional families, troubled relationships, mental disorders, OCD, struggles for control, suicide issues, and the recurring theme of “I was forced to cut this person out of my life”. It is difficult to envision a group that is more in need of adult supervision. Their behaviour often violates the federal Violence Against Women Act as well as many state stalking laws. How such people could resolve to dedicate a major portion of their lives to hurting other people…is something which professionals would need to unravel. The fact remains that bullies deserve to be opposed, to be fought.

Pretty soon the internet will need an “I Survived IOW” support group. But it would be attacked. Victims are afraid to even go back on the internet.

The internet is going to be the center of our world for quite some time. So it’s time to decide what we want this world to look like: a safe place to live, talk, share, or a cesspool.

Google “Delphi forums”, go to the site, and look through the message board to find “Isle Of Whack”, and see for yourself. Delphi Forums is a subsidiary of Mzinga, 154 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, Massachusetts, 01803.

April 5, 2010 at 4:30 am
(2) Jen Pell says:

Thank you for the article about isle of whack. You are absolutely right, those women are monsters, they live to harass and to stalk anyone who “dare displease them, disagree with them, have a mind of their own and the Delphi management led by one Walt Howe refuses to do anything about them, refuses to shut that vicious forum down ap[parently because nastiness, stalking, abuse sells and Delphi is dependent on the advertising dollar but there are far better forums on Delphi.

April 28, 2010 at 12:18 pm
(3) willie says:

Thank you for posting this. I was and am one of the “whacks” they like to poke at. I’ll be honest. If you’re on the right side of them they have the ability to be compassionate and offer good advice/links on a number of different subjects. This drives some of the popularity, and blind devotion regarding the IOW.
On the other hand, the oldest posters, mods and die hard regulars are guilty of everything described above. Since this has come out they’ve simmered down alot, but in the past they were horribly viscious and very damaging.
It’s a mob mentality crossed with a popularity contest. Those who arn’t popular, for whatever reason, becomes the attacked, and the attackers are given brownie points for their originality and level of snarkiness. They used to find their “whacks” in About.com and other forums and then drag the link over to IOW. The attacked would find themselves being mass-posted in About (or other forums) by a mysterious mob of women. If they didn’t know the source, it could be very hurtful. Afterall, the attacked doesn’t know this has been linked and organized elsewhere. The flame-fest seems random. If the “whack” figured it out, they’d usually come over to the Isle and “melt”, which would seem equally random to new posters and the victim would seem insane in their first posting. Words would be twisted, posts in question would be deleted, accusations of lying and craziness come about. I think you see where this is going.
If they percieve someone as bad, in one way or another, they will attack and feel justified in their attack and that’s when things go entirely to far. A whack is just that. A whack. Maybe your life is out of control. Maybe you’re an addict. Maybe you’re a young woman with multiple pregnancies and a history of cheating. Maybe you have unusual methods for child care. Maybe you said something off color or strange. The attacked becomes a cartoon character villian, and they easily forget this is a real person. The more the person begs, pleads, fights or argues the worse it gets. If the victim goes forth looking for sympathy they’ll find quite the opposite. Rumours begin to take place and defenders become potential “socks” of the victim.
This needed to come out, and I’m very happy to see that their bullying is finally being exposed. The net has become a quiet, happy place for many of us as a direct result.

May 3, 2010 at 10:56 am
(4) loveandlace says:

I beleive they’re starting to gather and plot for another whack-fest. The newest thread is “Which are the best forums to find a whack”. This is code for “Go out and find us a whack…let us show you how”. The post count has been down lately and I assume they’re looking for new meat to drive it back up. We’ll have to see how this plays out. I’ll keep you updated.

May 4, 2010 at 10:31 pm
(5) Melani says:

You have exaggerated, and taken out of context, the type of posting that is the Isle of Whack. When people are obviously baiting, or acting in a hateful manner they get called on it. One person who claims to be a ‘victim’ was given enough money, by the group, to fly to her brother’s bedside. She then made fun of them, and cried ‘poor me’. No one has been cyberstalked. There is one poster, and I strongly suspect you are that person, who has had a smear campaign against the IOW for years, because you have never been able to assimilate to the forum. Because the forum will not embrace your neediness, or tolerate your ignorance, you hate it in return. That’s unfortunate. Perhaps you should open your own I Hate IOW forum and keep your lies in there. You misfit toys can band together.

May 5, 2010 at 8:11 am
(6) Amused says:

If you go to snopes, and look at some of the most prevalent urban myths, you will find that the most successful ones are the ones where the lies have a liberal smattering of truth. The initial comment on this article is like those urban myths. It is a biased account, with some elements of truth.

The “quotes”, that have been taken out of context, attacking one person appear to be vicious and uncalled for. However, anyone who wishes can go back into the forum and search some of the phrases. Only search one phrase, though, as the paragraph is a compilation of many phrases. Once you have searched it becomes clear that the posters were attacking someone for unpleasant behaviour towards a woman who was asking for help.

The second piece of glaring misinformation in the original diatribe is that this process carries on into real life. There has only been one instance where something has carried over into real life, and that was when someone posted what appeared to be their intention to commit suicide. On that occasion the police were called in the woman’s home town, and asked to run a check on her. Other times when stuff has carried on into real life it has either happened at another forum, or it has happened between people who are friends in real life and have subsequently fallen out.

If you go in and read superfically, it is extremely hard to understand all of the back history and shared in-jokes, that make the IOW what it is. The start page makes no bones about it – if you behave in a stupid fashion, you will get ribbed. If you then cry foul, you will be laughed at and poked and prodded. There is a simple solution to all of that – don’t go there, and if you do go there and you don’t like it, then leave. Don’t keep sneaking back to see what they are saying about you, because then you will only be drawn back in. The person who wrote the original comment is someone who goes back time after time, creating new ids to attempt to cause trouble. He then wonders why the posters there all attack him and mock him.

May 5, 2010 at 8:19 pm
(7) truthandlies says:

Your lies about that poor woman who suffered a tragedy is a perfect example of the Isle’s capability to lie and slander without the least bit of empathy for the victim. Your version is laughable.
In truth, that woman was stalked, harrassed,lied about, accused, called a bad mother every day, and joked about for two years before they decided to send money to her. The money they sent didn’t equal anywhere NEAR 600 dollars, so cut the crap. Before they sent that money, they were picking apart her post about this tragedy on another forum, trying to call her out as a liar. When she posted enough proof, desperately trying to free herself from their snare, they sent little five dollar money orders which didn’t even equal 100 dollars. She never asked for it, but a few posters gave her a few 5-20 dollar money orders anyway.
She thanked them too. She thanked them alot and seemed touched by the outpouring of support.
Then she dared bring up their prior behaviour, showing confusion over their sudden act of kindness.
They went ballistic and started an unprecedented tirade against her which goes on to this day. They attacked her on every level before the funeral had even begun. Obviously this hasn’t changed, since you’re here telling this bull**** story in a weak attempt to protect your precious forum full of trolls. Who, by the way, found this woman in an ABOUT PARENTING FORUM. They attacked her there for months after finding a rant about her baby who wouldn’t stop crying. They attacked her for months, randomly, before she got wind of where it was coming from. So, the first post in the Isle from her isn’t a nice one, OBVIOUSLY.
That being said, don’t flatter yourself. I know this is a popularity contest to you, but that isn’t the case for everyone. We aren’t “whining because we dont’ fit in”. We think the behaviour on that forum is DESPICABLE and will continue to speak out about it until they suffer the same fate as their victims: shame to show their sig on the net. Except, unlike them (and you) we’re basing it on the truth. We have no need to lie. It’s all right there if someone chooses to look hard enough.

May 5, 2010 at 8:31 pm
(8) jay45 says:

The original OP is correct on all accounts. It seems these women have finally met their match.

July 3, 2010 at 9:57 pm
(9) gwenllian says:

Melanie, Amused — Sorry, ladies, but the evidence is right there on the site for anyone to see.

I had never even heard about the IOW forum until a few months ago. Blaming other people for your own outrages is rather cowardly.

Your snide crack about “misfit toys” simply proves my point — thanks!

This nonsense has, in fact, spilled outside the IOW forum many, many times, also well documented.

Complaining that the quotes were “taken out of context” and that all this abusive behavior can’t really be evaluated unless you’re a full-time Whack and understand all the backstory…sorry, that won’t fly either. All you have to do is look at that big pile of quotes — there’s no ambiguity there.

July 3, 2010 at 11:11 pm
(10) Izadora Jones says:
September 5, 2010 at 9:01 pm
(11) Misty says:

I am another they attacked, because I stuck up for a friend who was looking for help for her severely autistic son. They thought it was funny that he was disabled and she needed help. When I stuck up for her, all heck broke loose. I had been there for a year, but never really fully became a member. I had been watching the cruelty all that time, and knew it was only time until they came after me, as they usually do to their regulars. They are like a pack of rabid dogs. I had preplanned what I was going to do, so I did it-drove them absolutely bonkers, lol. They didn’t like that they couldn’t intimidate me! Made them nervous. Anyway, if you are a victim of abuse, any kind of abuse-stay away from IOW. They truly are cyber-bullies. And yes, they did come after me in real life-a CPS report was made just after my son was born, said I was sleeping with him in my bed. Bad timing, though: we were still in the hospital, and the hospital stuck up for me! Case closed immediately.

September 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm
(12) Whackkiller says:

Something needs to be done about these people who anonomously defame others on the internet. There needs to be legislation Something. In real life, if you saw any of those fat assed internet bullies, I bed they’d run.

October 25, 2010 at 1:50 am
(13) L'dudley says:

The poster Melani is a known isle of whack terrorizer. She is known by insiders, by iow victims as being one of the angriest, most hostile, most cynical, most ready to fight………..an isle of whack attack dog ready on command to be sicced on whoever is deemed by those who control the iow pack animals….Not having a mind of her own but a robot who will say whatever she is told to say, attack in a fevered viciousness whoever she is told to attack. A mass of nerves and tension from a failed marriage where her nonstop negativism got to be too much for a long suffering husband and family.

November 17, 2010 at 11:44 am
(14) KateTheWhack says:


It is inaccurate to say the Whack gang is anonymous. The Whacks operate openly in Facebook, which as we know does not allow pseudonyms. Pay a visit!

Jill Warring Bird
Jeanne Reuter Bloomquist
Inna Donelan
Colleen Brunkow Eck
Sherry Evangelista
Kate Denny Farr
Jessica Huntington Fischer
Rebecca Vaughan Goldbach
Karen Hammond
Krista Mifflin Mikkonen
Katherine Levin
Frank Martian
Kai Nanashi
Bobbi Nicolai
Aimee Lavigne Powers
Johanna Radding
Pam Bryant Schropshier
Christie Whitcomb

December 31, 2010 at 10:19 am
(15) SeenIt says:

I had a friend that was a Whack-er for a while. And they are definitely cyberbullies as well as real life stalkers. I would go into details but it would probably start their bullying again. Do not share personal info with these Whack-jobs. They will try to use it against you just for their amusement. And they will never let it go.

February 2, 2011 at 11:59 am
(16) Julia Jager says:


If anyone is interested, there’s the prospect of starting a support group for their victims. Those who visit and post there will be protected as much as possible.

February 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm
(17) Kiata says:

This person calling himself “gwenwiliam,” “Seen It,” and “Julia Jager” “Kate the Whack” and the like, commenting here also has dozens, if not hundreds, of troll IDs at Delphiforums, all dedicated to harrassing women at that forum system. He also goes by the cyber handle “Hellodolyllama.” He has been cascade banned numerous times, which only seems to enrage him further.

February 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm
(18) notsofast says:

Miss Kiata, a charter member of the Whacks, is suffering from the Fregoli Delusion, the notion that all the people who dislike her are really one person in a hundred disguises. It’s a rather sad form of rationalization.

Hate to break it to you, but there are hundreds of people who are appalled at what you people are doing. Trying to affix the blame on people who are exposing your outrages, is like blaming the fireman instead of the arsonist.

And a quick look at Ms K’s posts in the forum will tell you pretty quickly who the enraged harasser of women is. Nice try!

Face it, ladies, you’ve been busted. Time for another hobby.

February 2, 2011 at 4:05 pm
(19) notsofast says:

…and incidentally (and this really is me again), the recent eruption on Delphi occurred because the Whacks, after months of improved behavior, suddenly decided to descend with a vengeance on a poor girl who made the terrible mistake of expressing interest in adopting a child. The Whacks dedicated several hundred posts to attacking this girl, and attacking three people who tried to defend her.

So perhaps now is not the time for Ms K to protest about how it’s her enemies who are the real woman-bashers.

Tsk, tsk. You ladies were doing so well, and then you fell off the wagon again.

February 2, 2011 at 8:32 pm
(20) Kiata says:

I am not a charter member of the Isle of Whack; this mischaracterization of yours is absolutely in keeping with the lies you’ve been promulgating.

“Notsofast” and your many other IDs: your latest attempt to bully and stalk women online was shut down by Delphiforums. Your latest IDs were banned. Again.

The person who you are “defending” this time has expressed dismay at the way she is being used by you, your many troll IDs, and a few others for their own agenda.

Alldaybaby, Hellodollylama, or whatever you’re calling yourself this time, what you are doing is cyberstalking a group of women who had the absolute temerity to NOT be impressed with your attempt to control and guide them. You have had dozens upon dozens of IDs cascade banned by Delphi for your trolling and stalking. What you are doing is sick, twisted, and the fact that you are pretending to be concerned about cyberstalking when that is what YOU are doing is nauseating.

February 3, 2011 at 4:47 pm
(21) notsofast says:

Well, at least she has finally realized that we’re not all one person.

And the notion that anyone ever tried to control the Whacks is absurd. Just getting them to follow the same rules as everyone else, and keep their worst outrages inside their own forum, would be ambitious enough. If only the Delphi managers would try.

And as for cyberstalking — unfortunately for you, many, many people have seen you ladies hunting your prey all across the Delphi forums, in About.com, and even in the real world. All we have done is call it to your attention: criticizing your immoral behavior isn’t “stalking” just because you say it is. The sheer hypocrisy is staggering.

So, sorry kid, but you’re busted. Deny it all you want.

February 3, 2011 at 7:43 pm
(22) Kiata says:

Why do you continue to stalk and harrass women at Delphiforums?

Why do you continue to create dozens upon dozens of troll IDs to continue your stalking and harrassment? Why do you create dozens of troll IDs to talk to yourself here?

I received your disgusting PM last night. It was removed, as was your latest ID.

November 2, 2011 at 10:03 am
(23) MydogisAl says:

Oh Kiata. You’ve been stalking and harassing people on Delphi for what, over 10 years now! Remember Renee? Yeah. Too funny. Seems like it’s you that needs to get a life.

February 7, 2012 at 11:44 am
(24) Lia says:

Cyber-terrorists attack abuse victims in Facebook: where is Zuckerberg?…

In our first investigation, we showed you how cyberbullies were running rampant all over a social-networking site called Delphi. Happily, our investigation was such a smashing success that we managed to stop the abuse from happening, even without Delphi’s help.

But that’s Delphi. Surely nothing that ridiculous could happen in the Big Leagues, in Facebook. Right?


Facebook is home to a wide range of websites which help survivors of domestic violence. Most of these groups do superlative work, fighting one of the world’s most under-reported outrages, violence in the home. But there is one very large group in Facebook, which purports to be aimed at supporting domestic-violence survivors, which is doing something else entirely: harassing domestic violence survivors. The site, dedicated to Abuse Survivors United, is run by a woman named Dawna Larsen. A small proportion of the site’s activity is indeed dedicated to offering modest levels of emotional support to abuse survivors, but much of the site is involved in (a) expanding Ms Larsen’s social circle, and (b) launching open and implied attacks against abuse victims, abuse advocates, and anyone else who questions them or offends Ms Larsen and her posse of internet Mean Girls.

Ms Larsen and her confederates are launching vicious libelous attacks against abuse victims whom they are supposed to be protecting, behind closed doors and in the wee hours; they are also trying to infiltrate and spy on other Closed domestic violence groups, terrorizing members of other groups, tormenting trauma sufferers into episode flashbacks, and persecuting religious minorities. The false accusations include encouraging illegal drug abuse, posting pornography and issuing dangerous threats. Larsen even claims, falsely, that she has succeeded in launching an official police investigation against one of her targets.

February 7, 2012 at 11:46 am
(25) Lia says:

And when Larsen and her team spread their lies, they almost always do it behind everyone’s backs, in private messages – the one time that one of her smear attacks was exposed publicly, Larsen exploded in rage, destroyed the information, and sent a series of insulting emails to the member who raised it, before expelling them entirely. And the most recent salvo of smear attacks happened at 2 AM on a Monday morning, undoubtedly in the hope that no one would notice what they were doing.

Furthermore, Larsen’s group has already been caught a number of times, launching secret libel attacks against members of other domestic-violence sites – multiple sites — falsely accusing them on drug and porn issues, issuing threats, mental illness, criminal activity, and so forth. Her team has also been caught sneaking its members into other domestic-violence sites when the administrators were not looking. They go out to the other sites to watch what is going on; Ms Larsen reportedly is afraid that other domestic-violence sites will “raid” her members – as though she owns them and wants to forbid her underlings from taking part in other, better-run sites. When Larsen’s team is caught doing this, they simply ramp up the dishonest attacks and then expand them to include anyone who questions their attacks and false claims. They are also running smear attacks against administrators of other domestic violence sites. They are actually moving from site to site, across Facebook, hunting down abuse victims whom they dislike.

Why does she do this? Ms Larsen is apparently obsessed with being the “biggest” domestic violence site, as though the other sites are competitors who must be beaten. To that end, she loads her site with many people who are not even domestic-violence victims or advocates, to pump up her numbers.

February 7, 2012 at 11:47 am
(26) Lia says:

Some people are even added twice, to increase the total. Some of the people who were flung willy-nilly into her site are children. One of her confederates even crowed that if each member would go out and recruit a new body, “we could be just like McDonalds!” Larsen was particularly outraged when her erratic, abusive behavior caused no less than 200 of her members to leave and then pop up in another, safer, better-run domestic-violence site. It was this discovery which led to a wild escalation of her rampages across Facebook, aimed at the “traitors” who fled her tyranny and those who enabled the “treason”. And significantly, it was the abuse victims who had the greatest need for help with the most complex issues, who left Larsen’s site and went over to competently-managed venues with responsible specialists providing assistance.

Larsen’s seismic impact on the entire domestic-violence community goes even deeper than that. People are fleeing her site, not just because they are disgusted with her behavior, or because she expelled them from the site for thinking a little too “independently” or rather disobediently. She is also causing serious side effects among the worst sufferers of domestic violence. She knows full well that many domestic violence survivors suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which means that even seeing these kind of vicious attacks, let alone being targeted by one, can cause serious psychological damage. This is a particularly appalling thing to do to people – some of whom can easily be driven to self-harming – who came to her because they trusted her to create a safe environment for people like them. So her wild outrages are causing PTSD sufferers to flashback, trigger reactions, relapse, and then seek refuge and care in other domestic violence sites, so that others can heal the emotional wounds inflicted by Larsen and her team. Her abuse has actually caused a wave of mental health refugees.

February 7, 2012 at 11:47 am
(27) Lia says:

The terrible irony here is that Larsen, who claims to have dedicated herself to protecting people from controlling abusers, is among the most controlling abusers on the internet today.

And currently she is branching out. An evangelical extremist, she is bringing other religious fanatics into her domestic violence site, people who aren’t even domestic-violence survivors. Recently her gang of zealots spent an entire weekend terrorizing abuse survivors who had the gall to defend their Wiccan beliefs.

So, a widespread campaign of abuse, intimidation, illegal libel, interference in sensitive private domestic violence programs, causing psychological damage, harassing minorities…most of this is happening in Facebook, so surely Facebook is fixing this problem, right? No. Larsen operates her terror network in Facebook because she knows how to game the system in Facebook. She knows that Facebook’s customer-support system is severely substandard: all Larsen and her team need to do is “Report” people they don’t like, in large numbers, and their targets can lose their posting and messaging privileges, or be banned from Facebook entirely. And there is no recourse for people who are falsely accused, because most of it is automated: there is literally no one to complain to in Facebook, when Larsen’s team launches a mass-“Report” attack. To someone like Larsen, who simply lives to launch false accusations with no one to hold her accountable, this is manna from heaven.

So everybody contact Facebook and try to pull Mr. Zuckerberg’s attention away from his billion-dollar IPO, and ask him nicely to clean the terrorists out of his site.

October 7, 2012 at 11:17 pm
(28) callignit says:

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